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The 2005 race schedule for all race events booked at Moran Raceway has just been released. Details here.

Moran Raceway is currently one of the most highly raced at tracks in the country. The track was really designed and built for racing and 2005 should be an amazing year for the facility. With dozens of race events held annually, Moran Raceway has an array of kart clubs and race series that continue to support our facility while providing an excellent platform for the karting community.

Some of the race series visiting Moran Raceway travel regionally and some even tour across North America. Moran Raceway has already received some of the most prestigious race events in America from the STARS of Karting Finale which was broadcasted on Speed TV to the Pro-Moto Tour and California State Championships.

For 2005 Moran Raceway will have many large events like I.K.F region 7, STARS of Karting, W.K.A. West Coast, and of course, the I.K.F Grand Nationals. Moran Raceway will also have some excellent clubs returning like Tri-C karters, Gator Z Challenge, San Diego Karting Association, Skusa Mission Series and others. Moran Raceway has also had endurance racing clubs host events from time to time so don't be surprised to see some of these events coming as well. We'll see you at the race track!

For people that are interested in entering a kart race, Moran Raceway now offers and exciting opportunity, "Arrive & Race". This allows new participants of the sport the opportunity to simply arrive and race at certain race events listed above using our karts and equipment. It's the best way to check out kart racing for the least amount of money. Click here for details.

Click here for an in depth look at the 2005 Calendar, and all Race Events.