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June 23, 2003 - Moran Raceway's full track is open!
We're happy to announce that the full track is now open to all NON-SHIFTERS. Please note that on Wednesday, June 25th, half of the track may be temporarily down for repair, and that we'll be running the east loop configuration on that day. On June 26, the track will be open to all karts including shifters.

Progress report -June 18, 2003 - Moran Raceway is currently open to all NON-SHIFTERKARTS only.
The first day of practice at Moran Raceway was a success! Following the first day of practice was the first race at Moran Raceway with over 120 entries at the TRI-C event. Feedback has been extremely positive and the racing that took place on Saturday really showed how quick the drivers have taken to the track. Great passes, tight racing, and a big turn out really defined the opening weekend at Moran Raceway. On Friday the 13th the track was modified to the "East Loop" because of a diesel spill on the west side of the circuit. The "East loop" was raced on Saturday as this course offers 12 turns, 2 passing zones, the 860 foot main straight, and 45 second lap times. Currently the "East loop" track configuration is open to all non-shifters while we address our issues with the diesel spill on the west side of the track. The full course should be back in operation by early next week (June 22-24). Moran Raceway will tentatively open to all shifters by June 27th. Stay posted for updates!

Progress report - May 27, 2003.
Paving is complete at Moran Raceway and the track has turned out excellent! The track was paved on May 12th and 13th in perfect warm weather conditions. The track is extremely smooth, very wide and just over a mile in length. Moran Raceway is a very high speed kart track that flows and drives like a small F-1 circuit. Lap times for most classes will be over 1 minute and 10 seconds per lap. Moran Raceway has utilized a high performance mix design for the application of all asphalt while also rolling a lime dust into the track to help accelerate the curing process. Currently, we are preparing our pitlane, curbing, fencing, protection barriers, striping, finish grades and other amenities that will be needed for conducting our upcoming races. We are anticipating our opening day for general practice to begin around June 13th, just before Moran Raceway's inaugural Tri-C race event. Very shortly, we will be posting an update for our grand opening as soon as we can confirm a solid date.PLEASE NOTE: MORAN RACEWAY IS CURRENTLY NOT OPEN TO ANY TYPE OF SHIFTER KART (60cc, 80cc, or 125cc).


Progress Report: April 26, 2003
Rain has continued to fall in beautiful Beaumont, CA and the soil at Moran Raceway is pretty much as wet as it can be. Over the past 6 weeks at Moran Raceway we've been experiencing an abnormal amount of off-and-on rainfall. Unfortunately, this has created a situation which could possibly set back our grand opening 2 or 3 weeks. Soil has to be dry enough to get proper compaction before everything that goes on top of the soil can be compacted properly. There is still a good chance that Moran Raceway will be open by Mid-June but our grand opening strictly depends on how long it takes for our land to dry out. Once this happens the construction of the track will resume and we look forward to opening as soon as possible. However, we realize the importance of not rushing the hands of time and having to pay the consequences of dealing with a karting circuit that has a weak foundation.
Exterior grading will continue throughout the next few weeks as special attention and time has been given in designing a first-class drainage system. There will also be a lot of extra earth work involved in the grading process as the track is a full 1-mile with 17 turns and 20 feet of elevation change. While construction of the track has slowed down it has actually allowed for more time in purchasing and selection of other essential items that will make up the remainder of Moran Raceway's facility. We will be working as hard as we can in these closing months in order to bring Southern California "The Full Wood Kingdom"!
Don't forget to check out our Gallery, with photos of the track construction.
  Progress Report: March 27, 2003
Moran Raceway is getting very close to its grand opening date which is scheduled for mid-June of 2003. Over the past few months we have encountered some slight setbacks and delays. Some of these delays have been expected while others have come as a surprise. Recently in the month of March we have seen some record-setting rainfall that has really slowed down the current grading that has begun at Moran Raceway. Just a little over a week ago we experienced over 4 inches of rain in a 24 hour period which has not happened since 1952. The soil at Moran Raceway has remained quite wet and this has slowed down our construction considerably throughout the month of March. The good news is, we aren't expecting anymore delays and we are extremely excited to be bringing Southern California one of the greatest go-kart tracks ever built. Grading will continue throughout the next few weeks as special attention and time has been given in designing a first-class drainage system. There will also be a lot of extra earth work involved in the grading process as the track is a full 1-mile with 17 turns and 20 feet of elevation change. Meanwhile, we are devoting all of our time into purchasing and selecting the essential amenities and supplies that will be needed while supervising the track's construction process.


Go-karting is a dangerous sport. All drivers understand that they are karting at their own risk. Helmet, drivers suit, gloves, and neck collars are mandatory at all times.