.::Coming soon to Moran Raceway

a Pro-Shop with beautiful views of the track and nearby mountains.

Moran Raceway has been sizing up for a nice little kart shop since the track's birth in May of 2003. As many seasoned karters have noticed, we have continued to make improvements slowly but surely, one step at a time. The Pro-Shop will really help to complete Moran Raceway as a top-notch karting facility and only add to the value for all of our customers.

The Morans have aquired 2,700 square feet of portable building units that will be transformed into a high class Pro-Shop that will be stocked with karts, parts, tires, and fuel. The buildings will also get transformed into new offices for Moran employees and a new classroom, changing room, and video briefing center will all be created to constitute a new headquarters for Moran Raceway.

Plans are being submitted to the city and the placement of the buildings should be completed by February or March of 2005. Thereafter, inventory, displays, and general store set-up will begin and we hope to have the store open for business by April of 2005. The buildings will be located adjacent to the south pit area along the paved asphalt near work area spots 101-109. This will allow for easy access and great visiblity from the street.

Moran Raceway plans on carrying the beautiful, Top-kart racing chassis, full driving gear and apparel, and an array of the consumable parts and supplies needed for the karters at the track. The shop and class room will also offer beautiful views of the race track and nearby mountains as the windows will face directly down the main straight-away and into the entire Turn 1 and Carousel complex.

With a new classroom, changing room, and video briefing center, Moran Raceway will now offer a safer, more proffesional and versatile enviroment for all of our driving program participants. We appreciate the patience and support of the karting community and we look forward to bringing another trackside service that will benefit all participants and karters of Moran Raceway.