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Driving Schools, Corporate Events & Rental Programs

schoolMoran Raceway hosts driving schools, corporate events and rentals on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays of every week from 9 am to 1 pm. Each program can be scheduled on any of these days and availability is based on a first come, first serve basis. All programs are half day, "Arrive and Drive", meaning we supply everything needed from kart to safety gear. We utilize Top-kart racing chassis equipped with 20 horsepower, 100cc, HPV motors for all our programs. These karts drive like an automatic car with no shifting involved. These karts will also reach speeds of over 70 mph at the end of the downhill straightaway. Our karts are immaculately maintianed and come equipped with Tilett padded seats which fit almost every size. Additionally we provide Ribtect rib vests for our customers comfort. We offer schools and corporate events for ages 5 and up and kids are welcome to go through our classes with a parent or a guardian. Participants exclusively drive the entire one mile track as part of each program. Moran Raceway has an excellent staff of experienced instructors that create a fun and safe environment at all times. Participants are also welcomed to use their own kart for driving schools or corporate events.

All programs including rentals need to be scheduled and booked at least 24 hours in advance and preferably one week in advance.


Driving School Courses:
Techniques of karting
This is our most popular program. The day begins with 45 minutes of classroom preparation where the fundamentals of karting are taught in a simple format. Students will learn about racing line, apex's, braking, flags, safety, and much more. Following the classroom time all participants will suit up for a track walk with an instructor. Next. lead-follow sessions begin as an instructor will lead students around the track in order for everybody to get a first hand glace at the action. Soon enough, students will be driving by themselves as instructors diligently supervise the program while taking notes and giving feedback to each driver. This course is great for beginner to experienced drivers. Approximately 40 laps will be completed in this course.

Driving School Courses are held from 9am to 1pm.
$340 adults - $290 ages 5-12 - $250 for drivers w/ own kart (all ages). Maximum of 14 students.

Advanced Techniques of Karting
This course is designed for an experienced karter who is looking to finely sharpen their skills in various aspects. This program is tailored to each group depending on each individual's needs and background. More emphasis is placed on speed and precision in many different areas. Approximately 50 laps will be completed in this course. Instructor to driver ratio never exceeds 3:1 in an advanced school

Driving School Courses are held from 9am to 1pm.
$400 adults - $350 ages 5-12 - $310 for drivers w/ own kart (all ages). Maximum of 14 students.

Our complete brochure is available for download here (pdf file).