storage contract
"Arrive and drive" is available to our kart storage members only. Download the kart storage contract (in pdf format).

.:: Arrive & Drive

Arrive & Drive is a special service available for kart storage members only. Most people get sick of working on their kart for hours before actually getting to drive it. They don't feel like cleaning and packing everything up at the end of a long day. This is why we now offer arrive & drive for our kart storage members. Once a simple phone appointment is completed, kart storage members can count on having thier kart ready to drive, in a “turn key” state, upon arrival.

Customers can expect their kart to be unloaded, lubed, tire pressured, warmed up, and ready to drive. Once driving is finished our staff will clean, "nut & bolt", and load everything back into the storage unit. Moran Raceway will need a minimum of 72 hours notice in order to guarantee an arrive & drive program for our customers (given the kart is fully assembled and mechanically sound to begin with).
Note: arrive & drive does not include trackside support.

Arrive & Drive rate: $75 per visit (for each kart).