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Ready to race? Get started by kicking off the 2005 season with Tri-C Karters.

Tri-C karters is currently the largest sprint racing kart club on the west coast and possilbly in the U.S. On top of that, it is also one of the oldest kart clubs in the world and has gathered the respect and attention of thousands of karters over the years. Moran Raceway is very proud that the Tri-C kart club has made our facility the "home track" for their club throughout the 2005 race season and into the future. Aside from the routine club racing schedule, Tri-C karters also hosts the California State Championships at Moran Raceway held every year over Thanksgiving weekend. Special for 2005, Tri-C karters will also have the coveted opportunity of hosting the 2005 I.K.F. U.S. Grand Nationals in June.

The Tri-C kart club averaged over 175 entries per event throughout the 2004 race season at Moran Raceway and will continue to pull in massive entries throughout 2005 with even more growth expected. Even better, Tri-C has reduced the amount of classes down for 2005 so that the daily schedule will run more smoothly with increased driving time for all of the racers. Tri-C kart club still offers the most opportunities for all ages, experience levels and kart packages of any club around.

The racing action taking place at the Tri-C events in 2004 was exceptional with very large turn outs in almost all the classes. Tri-C is truly a perfect racing club for the begginer karter to the expert. Tri-C karters kicked off the 2005 season at Moran Raceway on Saturday Jan. 9th with race events running almost every month of the year, predominantly on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Tri-C kart club races offer AMB timing, proffesional P/A announcing, kart recovery operations, proffesional corner workers, an ambulance service at every race. Drivers can expect a very well organized race event that runs on time with one of the most proffesional racing staffs in the country.

If you haven't taken the time to check out the Tri-C kart club, now is the time. Come see what one of the finest racing clubs looks like at the best racing facility in the U.S. Weather it's just to spectate or to compete, you won't be disappointed in the amazing turn out, superb orginization, and intense racing action. For all the specific details on race events and general information take a chance to view Tri-C's website at