The two famous IRL (Indy Racing League) drivers of Andretti-Green Racing and Cheever-Red Bull are both previous race winners in the IRL. Both of these gentlemen are big supporters and pioneers of the karting industry and have been involved with growing the sport for a long time. Bryan Herta has been involved with the Stars of Karting series while Alex Barron started a 125 spec series on his own just a few years ago. Bryan Herta still remains partial owner of the X-Plex karting facility in Las Vegas and Alex Barron even has his own line of race karts.

The IRL has finally decided to go road racing for the very first time since the mid 90’s and both drivers are very excited to be a part of it. The race is April 1-3 and both drivers have spent some considerable time preparing to road race once again.

While Bryan Herta prefers a TAG E-Z Kart, Alex Barron opts for a spec 125 shifter kart. These drivers may have different opinions on what kart is best for preparing for an Indy Car street race however, they both seemed to agree on one thing, Moran Raceway. Both men spent time driving their karts over the last week of May at Moran Raceway and loved the challenging layout of the track.

"What an amazing facility, this place is phenomenal, I absolutely love the layout and design, I’ve got to get out here more often" said Bryan Herta. "I’m really happy with the way my kart is handling here today and I love racing at this place" said Alex Barron.